Combi-Nations Recruitment Agency: Permanent and Temporary Employment services for Companies in Africa!

COMPANY looking for Qualified Staffs or CANDIDATE seeking a Career Opportunity in Africa?

Combi-Nations is the international Recruitment Agency specialising in the assignment of Engineers and Executives for Temporary, Permanent and Contract positions in Africa.

Our aim is to bring together a combination of skills and help projects in Africa meet or maintain international standards.We operate in the core areas of the Civil Engineering, Mining, Energy, IT & Telecommunications, and in the Oil & Gas industry.

Combi-Nations’ HR Consultants are selected for their broad industrious knowledge, their experience of placing Candidates in Africa and their passion for the African employment Market.
They are trained to understand employer’s Requirements and specific needs, in order to introduce the right applicants. We also stay involved in the Recruitment process until the full integration of our candidates in order to guarantee successful placements and maximise the chances of retention.

This is a brief overview of our services, so to find out more about us feel free to visit our Employers or Candidates pages, you can also contact us for further information.