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You want to relocate to Africa? Learn from your fellow expatriates’ various experience! This forum is intended to let you share your experience, opinions and favorites.

Top 10 countries selected by expatriates in Africa


Personality development, economic development, political stability, standard of living, quality of life … Different criteria that tip the balance when deciding to emigrate. Why choosing to relocate? Share your experiences …Read More

Local Recruitment + Expatriation = Development


The combination of expatriate and local recruitment in companies seems to be the recipe for the development of an international mindset in the workplace. Share your views…Read More

Thinking about expatriation in Senegal? Some useful tips …


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Graduates! A new target for headhunters


Graduates are no longer afraid of expatriation and companies are aware of that. Increasingly popular on the continent, the status of graduates presents crucial advantages for recruiting companies. Passionate and flexible, they are the future of tomorrow. Share your experience and opinion…Read More

African Diaspora turn their eyes towards the African Continent


More and more qualified professionals from the African diaspora look to their country of origin for job opportunities. Encouraging is not it? Share your experience …Read More

Relocation, a new life…


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