Combi-Nations Extra-Mile

“Recruiting expatriates is that simple !”

To overcome the distance and to make the recruitment process smoother, Combi-Nations goes beyond the role of a traditional recruitment agency by proving clients and candidates with services designed for international recruitment.

Video Resume:

 Ideal way to get a feel of the candidate’s communication skills, the Video Resume goes beyond the limitations of a traditional paper resume and helps you go through the different steps of the recruitment process with more confidence. If you want to enjoy a Video Resume for preselected candidates, show your interest in the upload requirements area. 

Multi-Interview day:

More personalized than a recruitment forum, our Multi-Interview day is the most efficient way for your organization to have a privileged one-to-one conversation with the best candidates selected for your company only. This event is tailored to satisfy your needs for key Staff, Executive and Directors, by promoting your Corporate image and raising an awareness on your vacancies to a best panel of professionals.
Save time by tackling one of the most decisive stage of your hiring process, in an unique location during your interview days.

Expatriation support:

We understand what moving abroad represents in terms of organization and the impact it may have on the productivity of your employees.  Therefore, Combi-Nations provides you with a range of services specifically designed to facilitate the expatriation of candidates and their integration in your company. Read more about our Expatriation support.