Permanent recruitment

“Bring global expertise to your business !”



Our mission is to nurture a real-time visibility on the most qualified candidates wishing to bring their expertise to the development of multinational firms based in Africa.

We provide you with staffing solutions for candidates from different backgrounds such as  Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Logistics, Engineering.

For each permanent recruitment campaign, we use the following  sourcing methods:

  • Networking-Referral: The method we value the most. We chose from a panel of candidates obtained only by recommendation.
  • Headhunting: Targeted recruitment for high-level placements.
  • Our database: Composed of thousands of job seekers, actively looking for career opportunities in Africa.

  • Job fairs:  To meet professionals and present our job offers.
  • Advertising: Through magazines, specialized professional websites, job boards.
  • Internet: Mailing, online sourcing.

Our experience is also built upon a thoughtful and methodical approach in the way we recruit.

This has led us to the establishment of key steps that you can discover in our permanent recruitment process section.